Enter "BUY3FOR2" at checkout for a £12.00 discount when buying three or more bottles of mead!



When we send out your parcel our default is to instruct the driver as follows:


If this is NOT convenient for you, please send us an email and we will change the instruction. 




Our delivery charges are calculated on weight, guide prices as follows:

For the Luxury Hampers (if purchased separately), allow £6.50 to UK Mainland (Not N. Ireland & Scottish Highlands).

Mini-meads: £4.00

One or two bottles: £5.50

Three bottles: £6.50

Four bottles: £7.50

Five bottles: £9.00

Six+ bottles: £10.00


For jute bottle bags when ordered with mead: FREE

Channel Islands: £34.99 (up to 5 kg), £1.00 per kilo thereafter up to 10 kg.

Isle of Man: £32.79  (up to 5 kg), £1.00 per kilo thereafter up to 10 kg.

Scottish Highlands: £13.05 (up to 5 kg), £1.00 per kilo thereafter up to 10 kg.

Northern Ireland: £22.00 up to 10kg, £1.00 per kilo thereafter.


PLEASE NOTE: We only charge you a contribution towards out packing and shipping costs. We are currently transitioning from an 'Airshock' system to a biodegradable cardboard 'sleeve' method, doing our best to ensure your order gets to you in one piece while trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. If there is any damage to your order, please contact us immediately.

ORDERS PLACED LATE FRIDAY OR OVER A WEEKEND won't be processed until the following Monday. Our apologies, but we all have to sleep sometimes!

ORDERS PLACED AFTER  2.30pm probably won't be dispatched until the following working day. We will try to get your parcel out to you if we can, but our delivery company are eager beavers and usually turn up on, or before, time.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: All courier companies are currently experiencing delays due to excess demand. Our deliveries will usually arrive with you before 4pm on the working day following order (if the order is with us before 2.30pm), but we cannot guarantee this. If your delivery doesn't arrive after three working days, please contact us and we will investigate promptly.

Thank you and ... 


(live well)