My first ever Christmas miracle thanks to the fantastic people of STONE CIRCLE MEAD COMPANY.
So the story behind this is: I checked out the Stone Circle Mead company's web site, saw exactly what I was going to order for hubby. Then checked bank account - not so fortuitous:(
Left the web site to rethink. Got what I thought was an autogenerated "did you find what you were looking for on our web site?" Message to which I replied " on your web site - yes deffinatly, in my bank account - not so much! 😉😐
A day or so later, I received the msg below:
"Hi Ali,
We've all had a stressful year and Beth and I would like to send a bottle to you courtesy of Stone Circle. Online sales have been good for us, so we'd like to 'pay it forward' . All I need is an address and postcode.
Best Wishes
Tony and Beth"
Hubby is over the moon with his gift! And has asked me to say a huge THANK YOU to you from him! He has said (before even tasting it) that due to your kindness he will only buy his mead from you guys in the future!
You deserve every success and I hope that others will read this and realise you a genuine, wonderful people, and that they should support your business even if (like me) they don't like mead! Best Wishes for the New Year to you and yours xxx
– Ali



So every year for the last 6, ever since I had the pleasure of sampling mead for the first time, I have always had a bottle of Christmas mead at this time of year. This year my good wife, gifted me this bottle of Yule mead and, I have to say folks, this is the best one I have tried, to date. Thanks very much for a thoroughly pleasant boxing day tipple! The bottle shall not last long, I can assure you.

– Tim



Given four bottles for my birthday. I'm a bit of a snob about meads. I like to taste the honey and yeast, and do my absolute best to avoid that commercial trashy wine with some honey pumped in. The four bottles were, sadly, all gone by the following evening. I can't immediately recall the flavours, but I had the medium and medium/dry plain bottles - Easily my favourite of the four. Classic, strong flavour. Proper mead. I'd highly recommend those two at the very least.

– Marc


First met these guys at the Salisbury Christmas Fayre and very quickly became great friends. I was able to get a tour today of their meadery where they taught me the history of mead and how to make REAL mead. I love the taste of all their meads and if anyone says different ... well you haven't tasted real mead.

– Ryan


Stone Circle meads: crisp, fresh, not over sweet. The Beltane mead's scrummy. Can't wait for tours to start back up.

– Debbie


Amazing mead and amazing people! We bought some of their mead at the Salisbury Christmas Market and loved it so much. We ordered it again online as it has been keeping us sane during the quarantine. Amazingly, and so generously, they hand delivered it to our door today and cheered us up immensely. I cannot recommend this company enough!

– Eda


My order arrived very quickly, and extremely well-protected in transit, and is exactly what I wanted. Highly recommended, and I’ve drunk a lot of real mead over the years.

– Gordon


I bought three bottles of mead from you guys today at Ammanford Boar Festival. One bottle down now and was wondering how to go about ordering some more it's absolutely stunning ! I've also seen on your website that you do personalised labels. You were very friendly and answered all my questions was very lovely to meet you.

– Zoë